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Zuri Goddard

Is a Digital Artist based in Manchester, England.

Zuri's passion for digital art started over a decade ago when she began taking landscape photography in her hometown of Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. During this time she discovered how much she enjoyed the editing process. A few years later this passion would lead her into filmmaking. Zuri studied for three years at Met Film School in London, England; where she discovered her next passion, colour-grading. Once again, the post-production process stood out to her the most.


Currently, Zuri specializes in landscape/astrophotography and illustration. Coming from a background in colour-grading, Zuri uses striking colour palettes as a way to enhance emotions and to create a surreal view of everyday life.


While Zuri’s landscape/astrophotography style is whimsical and easily recognizable; her illustrations allow her to be more experimental. Zuri’s illustrations focus on a range of subjects and have been heavily influenced by pop culture and her life experiences.

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